Meu Samba no Prato

by Marcos Paiva

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“The healthy and exciting creative tension on the Edison Machado album of 1964, Edison É Samba Novo, is thriving in this revival tribute by Marcos Paiva, a type of dissection of the earlier album, or a springboard”.

Tárik de Souza for Carta Capital magazine - March 7 2012

“Marcos Paiva, a gripping contrabassist with a busy CV, together with his MP6, celebrate one of the biggest names to emerge from the Becos da Garrafas club in the early 1950s.
This is a special moment for one of the top new bass-players, a tribute album that is original and worthy of applause”.

Júlio Maria for O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper - January 28 2012

"He updates his ideas and heads off to somewhere new and contemporary."
"I've already said that Meu Samba no Prato is the best album of samba-jazz recorded in Brazil in years."

Ronaldo Evangelista for Folha de S.Paulo newspaper – February 7 2012
Ronaldo Evangelista for - February 8 2012

"In addition to the intrinsic goals of his own music - the search for a bass with more swing, inspired by the surdo drums of the samba schools - Paiva has another goal on his album: "We have chronicled very little of our instrumental music, and we have very little to say about it. I don't describe myself as a samba-jazz musician, but that's where I come from."

Luiz Fernando Vianna for O Globo newspaper - February 27 2012

“DEPTH. Recorded over two days last October in São Paulo, the album was produced and arranged by Marcos Paiva himself”.

Eduardo Tristão Girão for Estado de Minas newspaper - February 21 2012

“In a samba-jazz rhythm, the musician performs his own works and gives another hue to Aquarela do Brasil, by Ary Barroso. 10!”
“Embarking on a solo career in 2007, Paiva is a positive surprise on this album... For the fans, this album is brimming with great music”.

Mauro Ferreira for O Dia newspaper - February 13 2012
Mauro Ferreira for - February 18 2012

“Musical tribute renews the creation of a samba-jazz master."

Luiz Lassere for A Tarde newspaper – February 20 2012


released 02 February 2012


Marcos Paiva - Contrabaixo, composições* e arranjos
Daniel de Paula - Bateria
Edinho Sant’anna - Piano
Cássio Ferreira - Sax Alto
Jorginho Neto - Trombone
Daniel D’Alcântara - Trompete

Ficha Técnica

Produção, direção musical, composições* e arranjos - Marcos Paiva

Direção de produção - Raquel Dammous

Gravado nos dias 1 e 2 de outubro de 2011, no Estúdio Comep, por Sandro Haick
Assistentes de gravação - Alexandre Soares e Vanderlei Pena

Mixado por Sandro Haick no Estúdio Haick

Masterizado por Homero Lotito no Reference Studio

Afinador de Piano - Olívio Valarini (Tuca)
Fotos - Maurício Landini
Projeto Gráfico - Luciano Murino
Roadie - João Cultural

* Todas as composições são de autoria de Marcos Paiva, exceto Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso) e Acender as Velas (Zé Keti).



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MarcosPaiva São Paulo, Brazil

Cited by music critics as one of the top musicians of the new crop of Brazilian music, bassist Marcos Paiva has recorded a homage to drummer Edison Machado - one of the greatest references of samba-jazz.
The CD evokes the bossa nova era in the 50s and 60s. In this scenario, the vibrant Marcos Paiva Sextet - MP6 - make their way to somewhere new and contemporary.
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